Friday, October 26, 2007

Why do people fall for Swindlers?

We all sometimes go above and beyond our means just because some things seem free. But nothing is free in this world as I always tell my children. Any time you are offered a free item always ask, what is the catch?. No one gives away free gift or money.

How can someone write to you out of blue saying you have inheritance in a country your ancestors did not come from or where you know no one but believe it is true. That's not only dumb but foolish and greedy.

How can you receive check for the money you did not earn but you are being asked to cash the check and return a portion of the money to the sender. This right away should signal scam, but people still fall for this old time game.

The scam artist and the person receiving at the other end are both at fault and both should be exposed of their did.

In order not to become a victim of a scam, common sense must prevail. So, ask me how do you spot or avoid being victimized.

So, I will like to engage in a discussion to address this issue and give some guidance to avoid being a scam target.